Yes, old fashioned books you can hold in your hand or line a shelf with… having content that is worth more than the tree from which it was made. This means design and formatting for print-on-demand books.

Elsewhere on this site we take a dim view of treebooks. More specifically what we object to is the printing of large quantities of paper books that mostly end up being pulped again—never having been cracked by anybody. That happens with great regularity in the book publishing industry. It costs someone vast amounts of money, including you, the reader, who must pay artificially inflated prices for the treebooks you buy because the cost of the business of making them includes waste on a vast scale. To say nothing of the environment.

This is madness… There is another way.

We are not saying that it is an ebook or nothing. There are legitimate needs and desires for treebooks. Print-on-demand is a technological process for printing treebooks on an as needed or desired basis—not on calculated speculation.

Print-on-demand had a checkered start a decade or so ago. We personally were among the first to experiment with the idea and the experience was horrific: bad formatting and graphics, cheap ink, cheap paper, cheap glue jobs, missing pages, what can only described as bullet hole in the middle of a page—we saw it all!

The POD process has gotten better as it indeed it should have by now. The process has been refined, methods and materials much improved. But much of what makes a great paper book experience is still in the care with which it is formatted and designed. This is the service we offer. We do not produce POD books ourselves but will help you design and format your books so that, when submitted to a POD service, it will produce the best possible experience for the reader who values the organic feel of paper in their hands. A tree sacrificed to produce a book that will actually be read and loved is worth it!

Ebooks and POD books we see as going together. One complements the other by reaching different audiences and needs—with the least amount of waste. And that is why we offer POD treebook services.