leçons en ténèbres

Lessons in Darkness

These mini volumes collect—in manageable doses of 50—potent tweets (one per page) by philosophical writer Bianco Luno. The 140-character-or-less bits of text are selected by the author from Luno's ongoing stream and folded into exquisite minibooks by artist and designer Abby, who suggested putting Luno's tweets to paper.


Leçons i

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Leçons iii

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Leçons iv

Lecons 4

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More about Leçons en ténèbres

The fifty page minibooks are individually handcrafted and made to order by Abby. Dimensions are approximately 3.1 x 3.9 inches.

From correspondence between author and designer:

My tweets, as I say on twitter, are "soul leakings" that range over a large number of themes, some more personal and intimate than my other philosophical writing. There are puzzles, riddles, aphorisms, sharp observations, provocations, micro essays; and cries of despair, alienation, and loneliness; confessions, expressions of desire, anger, sorrow, general melancholy, meditations on love or loss, rages against society, at the way the world is, at myself... sometimes humorous, always self-aware, ridiculous, scandalous, and sublime all at the same time....

Each constrained to 140 characters—perfect for a minibook page.

Bianco Luno styles himself a spiritual terrorist and poet-logician, who combines both existential and analytic modes of philosophy. These minibooks package homeopathic remedies for dark moods, tinctures made from toxins that make us sick. For a select few, though, the tweets' acknowledgment of what is amiss with our constitution offers modest consolation. And Abby's work adds silver lining, like a beautiful label on a bottle of bitter medicine back when such labels alone had the charm to effect a cure.