the sensible knave

Would you spot a psychopath…

The Sensible Knave


The Sensible Knave


The Sensible Knave


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...or "sensible knave" if you saw one?

The Scottish philosopher David Hume, three centuries ago, identified a character type that would pose a mortal danger to his otherwise optimistic view of human nature. (Yours, too?) This character he called a "sensible knave." Hume sketches him thus:

That honesty is the best policy, may be a good general rule; but is liable to many exceptions: And he, it may, perhaps, be thought, conducts himself with most wisdom, who observes the general rule, and takes advantage of all the exceptions.

In this brief, accessible essay, contemporary philosopher Bianco Luno reminds us Hume's knave, aka psychopath, still haunts our world. The handcrafted mini book is 21 pages and approximately 3.1 x 3.6 inches.

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